Summer Daydreams July 18, 2016 14:41 4 Comments

Summer always has me daydreaming of sandy beaches, seashells and most of all cooler weather!  If you are an Arizona resident, you are most likely suffering, just like me, from the effects of our insanely hot summers! I must say though, while working in the boutique, I was surprised to meet a few people who claim to just love the heat.  The "hotter the better" they said.   Unfortunately I have been here over 30 years and I'm still not one of those people who have fallen in love with any temperature over 100 degrees!  While I do love Arizona, I fantasize about being away the entire months of July and August.  Maybe one day it will become a day.

As a temporary fix though, my husband and I were recently able to enjoy a getaway for a weekend of 70 degree weather in the sandy beach cities of Southern California.  While it was only a 2-day getaway, we were extremely grateful.  That weekend getaway allowed us to experience the relaxation we were longing for.  We got our beach fix in Laguna, Venice and Santa Monica and fell in love with the Anaheim Packing House - an absolute food haven (we love to eat :))

We also visited the Mission San Juan Capistrano and can I saw, WOW!  Walking around the ruins of this beautiful 1700's mission was an amazing experience.


Our two day trip was jammed pack with great adventure and lots of new memories.  For me, the beach was not only an escape from the heat but an opportunity to refocus.  I returned with a new strategy and motivation to take Purpose Thrift to a new level.  Maybe my toes in the sand stimulated a new energy within me, whatever it was, has me excited about what is to come for Purpose Thrift.  

Continue to watch our website and social media sites for new postings and information.  I hope you get your summer escape this year as well.  Whether it be a two day or ten day trip, enjoy every moment!