Transforming Furniture into "WOW" Pieces October 9, 2015 15:47 3 Comments

It amazes me to see the creativity on Pinterest and Social Media these days.  The creative possibilities with furniture, just seem to be endless!  I can't seem to look at Pinterest without saying "wow" at least 5 times during my search.  It has really changed the way I look at a piece of furniture.  I no longer find myself looking at furniture just for what it is, but rather what it could be.

Have you seen what they are doing with those old entertainment centers?  Turning them into children's play kitchens or wardrobes.  How about side tables?  Flipping them upside down and making dog canopy beds? And with the introduction of chalk paint, the idea of painting furniture got a whole lot easier and quicker. I might have overlooked or dismissed furniture pieces in the past because they didn't quite fit my style, but now I view each piece as having its own potential to becoming a "wow" piece.  

One of our very own customer friends, Becky Gifford, has the creative WOW factor!  She views furniture as projects and transforms them into beautiful new pieces.  For example, she purchased this dresser at Purpose Thrift.  

It was a nice dresser to begin with and one might think a coat of paint in a solid color would suffice. But Becky saw a bigger picture.  Becky looked at this dresser and saw a "Camera."  A camera?  Yes, a camera; an old Brownie camera as a matter of fact.  

With paint and imagination, Becky began the work of transforming this dresser into what would resemble an old Brownie camera.

Using chalkpaint she purchased from Az Vintage Vault at Brass Armadillo, Becky began by painting the dresser a solid color.  She used the General Finishes brand in Antique White and Driftwood Gray.  She also used the Heirloom Traditions brand in Black Bean.  She used the colors individually and also mixed some together to get the shades of gray she wanted.

"I painted the base color Driftwood and started layering the other colors with painters tape and free hand. I enlarged the actual Brownie type face and used carbon paper to outline the words onto the dresser. Surprisingly the camera company used letters of different size, so the dresser reflects that." Becky said.

With imagination and creativity, Becky transformed a regular dresser into a beautiful, creative, unique "WOW" piece of furniture!