A Flea Market in the Dark - Downtown Phoenix August 7, 2016 15:47 12 Comments

It's tough going to Flea Markets in Phoenix during the summer.  The 110+ degree weather tends to deter even me, a complete junk lover, from venturing out!  So when I heard that there was going to be a Flea Market at NIGHT and INDOORS for that matter, I thought, "Wow, now that's one Flea Market I would seriously consider going to (even in the middle of a Phoenix Summer)!"  

The market is called the "Phoenix Flea" and is self described as a "modern market for curated vintage clothing & accessories, fine art, handcrafted, fashion & more!"   So this isn't just your run of the mill Flea Market.  No, its much more Hip, more like walking into a live version of Etsy!  


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I couldn't help but to love every one of their Instagram posts and I was sold when I heard that it would be: at night, indoors, adults only, with a DJ and FOOD TRUCKS!  What a great combination.  So I asked my best friend if he would join me and because he is so amazing and loves going to these things just as much as I do (actually I sold him on the food part), he said Yes!  I went on their website and bought our tickets and by 7:30 pm we were there!

Phoenix Flea Handstamp It was hosted at the Vintage 45 in Downtown Phoenix.  A cool old building just off of Central.  You know the kind with exposed duct work, old brick and unfinished plastered walls with concrete floors.  The kind of building that screams age, charm, character and would be the perfect backdrop for just about any photo shoot.  

Phoenix Flea Market

It was apparent their Instagram marketing was very effective.  There were a total of 3 rooms and each room was just as packed as the other with both vendors and shoppers.

 The creativity in this place was amazing!  The market definitely lived up to its description. There were well curated pieces everywhere; jewelry, candles, mid-century, vintage, furniture, leather goods, so much to name! It was awesome to see local artists showcasing their goods with so much support from the valley community.  

Lettercraft Magnets

I found the magnets by Lettercraft to be some of the most amusing pieces.  They had a great selection of actors and singers available for purchase.  

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Lifetime Leather Co. had some of the best handmade leather goods that I have seen.  Beautiful messenger bags, wallets and more.  Great craftsmanship for sure!

There were so many vendors and items I wanted to picture, but unfortunately the crowds were thick and it was somewhat difficult to take pics.  For more pics of the great items and for a list of vendors, check out their Facebook page (Phoenix Flea) or Instagram #phxflea.

The second floor of the venue housed the DJ and a great area to relax and overlook the crowd.

I kept my promise to my BFF and as we walked out we went through the Food Truck lineup.  That's where I picked up this cute mustache pretzel:

Mustache Pretzels at Phoenix Flea Market

Overall, I give a thumbs up to Phoenix Flea.  It definitely lived up to its hype and brand.  It was a great evening out (or in, I should say).  It will be something I look forward to going to again! So proud of our local Arizona artists and wish them all the success in their business endeavors!

Until our next adventure,

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