Charity Spotlight: Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank August 15, 2016 21:53 12 Comments

At Purpose Thrift, we believe there is a greater purpose behind what we do.  Our mission is to continue to partner with and give back to charitable organizations that contribute to the greater good.  Recently we visited a local charity that is doing just that.  Nestled in the southern part of Avondale, in the midst of a residential neighborhood, is a small building with a banner that reads “Agua Fria Food and Clothing Bank.”  Its building is humble and you would probably miss it if you weren’t looking for it.  However, their mission is anything but small.

Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank

The dedicated team, almost entirely comprised of volunteers, work to serve the Southwest Valley’s families and individuals that may be facing a crisis and are in need of clothing, food and assistance.

The Agua Fria Food and Clothing Bank is a faith-based organization that offers FREE food and clothing (referrals are not needed).  In addition, they offer Homeless Kits and in some cases, financial aid for utility payments.

We met with Leanne Leonard, Executive Director.  She gave us a tour of the clothing bank.  The room is set up much like a store, had racks of clothing and shoes for babies through adult age.  Leanne explained the process.  Individuals in need can check in at the front desk and shop at the clothing bank once a month.  The clothing bank relies on donations from the community and organizations and the items are given to the shopper, free of charge.   Posted on the wall is a list of items each person may obtain during their shopping trip.  This list includes, 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 underwear, 1 pair sock, 1 pair shoes, 1 sweater or coat, 1 purse, 1 dress (counts as 1 top and 1 bottom) and 1 suit (counts as 1 top and 1 bottom). 

Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank Clothing List


Agua Fria Clothing Bank

Agua Fria Clothing Bank

When I asked Leanne what their biggest need in the clothing bank was, she pointed out the men’s clothing racks.  The racks are scarce and in desperate need of donations.  There were few pieces hanging and lots of empty hangers.  Men’s clothing and shoe donations are less common and very much needed.  Men’s clothing basics such as undergarments, shirts, jeans, and walking shoes are the most needed items.  In addition to clothing, they are also in need of a volunteer to work the front desk. 

Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank Men's Rack

Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank Men's Shirts

After touring the clothing bank, it was clear that this was an organization that is in alignment with our core values and its right in our local community.  We have decided to adopt the Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank as our Spotlight Charity for the remainder of 2016.  Our focus will be to increase clothing and shoe donations, specifically for men, for the remainder of the year.  We will do this by donating items from Purpose Thrift but also by raising awareness about the charity and its needs. 

We want to extend an invitation – maybe even a challenge to you – to partner with us and help to gather clothing donations for this organization.  You can drop them off directly at the food bank during their business hours, or contact us for pickup (we will do our best to pickup in the Avondale/Goodyear area).  The Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank is open Mondays – Friday, from 8am – 12pm and is located at 405 E. Harrison Drive, Avondale, AZ 85323.  If you are interested in volunteering or have more questions, you can reach them by phone at 623-932-9135.  You can also visit their Facebook at:

Thank you for supporting Purpose Thrift and for shopping with us.  When you do, you give us the opportunity to help charities and together we serve a bigger Purpose and make a difference in our community!  Your purchase has Purpose!