CRAFTED in California August 15, 2015 16:22

After 3 years, we finally made it back to the sandy beaches of California!  Weather was amazing as usual and the sand between my toes would have been all I needed to call it a perfect trip.  However, much to my surprise, we discovered a gem in the form of a warehouse that made the trip even that much better!


In the port of LA, aka San Pedro, there sits a rather large warehouse by the name of “Crafted.”  Crafted reminds of me of the Brass Armadillo concept in a sense, but

everything there is handmade. 


Jewelry, preserves, spices, art, handmade paper and soap are

just some of the featured wares inside this beautifully designed

warehouse.   It appears that half of the warehouse is set up to

host weddings and other events. 


One of my favorite booths was “Pretty and Perky.”  A super cute boutique setting that features handmade soaps.   We got to meet the friendly, kind, creators of these fabulous smelling soaps; John & Jenny.  They were passionate about their products and by every right they should be!  It was evident they put their hearts into every piece of soap and every scrub they create, their packaging was great and the product is amazing. During our conversation we even discovered they have family ties back to Arizona (its a small world)!   

We were mesmerized by the delicious smelling soaps and we couldn’t leave without bringing at least one home.  So after much debate we settled on the Lemon Verbena Soap & as a bonus, they threw in a sample of the Pink Grapefruit Whipped Sugar Scrub and a sample of the white ginger soap.  Yum!


It was great to support these two in their pursuit to living out their passion & purpose! 


Crafted is definitely worth checking out!  So if you’re in the Long Beach area, make sure to add it to your list of “must see” attractions!  I hear during the holiday season the warehouse is much fuller and you may even catch Etsy there recording and interviewing these artisans from time to time!




112 E. 22nd Street

San Pedro, CA 90731

Check their website for additional information about hours & events!